Restoring What’s Lost: A Guide to Personal Property Recovery After a CAT Event

When a major CAT (catastrophic) event, like a hurricane, tornado, or wildfire, happens, it can wreak havoc on homes and personal property. The aftermath can be overwhelming, and it’s essential to take the proper steps to restore your property and get back to normalcy. In this article, some tips for personal property restoration after a major CAT event from different perspectives. 

From the homeowner’s perspective, the first thing to do is assess the damage. Take photos and videos of your property and belongings so that you can document everything for insurance purposes. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim and get the process started. It’s also important to secure your property to prevent further damage. Cover any openings, such as broken windows, with tarps or boards, and move any salvageable items to a safe, dry location. 

Aftermath of Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian destroyed homes in Florida.

From the perspective of restoration professionals like Lyons Restores, it’s important to prioritize safety. We wear protective gear, such as gloves and masks, when handling damaged items to avoid injury or exposure to hazardous materials. After we pack out items from the home, we thoroughly clean and disinfect any items that can be salvaged, to prevent mold growth and other potential health hazards. Lyons Restores has specialized equipment and training to handle the restoration process efficiently and effectively, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help. 

From the perspective of an insurance adjuster, it’s important to understand the coverage and limitations of the policy. Not all policies cover every type of damage, and there may be limits on the amount of coverage available for certain items. It’s also important to be thorough in assessing the damage and documenting it accurately to ensure that the claim is processed quickly and fairly. 

From the perspective of a community member, there are many ways to help those affected by a major CAT event. Donating to relief organizations, volunteering your time or skills, and providing emotional support to those affected can make a big difference. It’s important to come together as a community in times of crisis to support and uplift one another. 

In conclusion, personal property restoration after a major CAT event can be a daunting task. However, by following these tips and seeking help from professionals like Lyons Restores and the community, the process can be made easier and more efficient. Remember to prioritize safety, document everything, and reach out for help when needed. With time, effort, and help from professionals like Lyons Restores, your property can be restored, and you can get back to your normal life. 

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