Lyons Restores: Tailoring Solutions for Homeowners and Adjusters in the Wake of Disasters 

In the aftermath of a home fire or flood, the restoration journey becomes a meticulous process, especially when it comes to the recovery of hard contents—those cherished possessions that make a house a home. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the “hard contents” pack-out process, shedding light on the steps involved and the flexibility we offer to both homeowners and insurance adjusters. 

Site/Home Scope: Determining the Extent of Restoration Work 

The journey begins with a thorough assessment of the home or business. Our experts meticulously analyze the damage to ascertain the scope of work. This initial step is vital in identifying what items are salvageable and what requires cleaning or restoration. 

Pack-Out: Safeguarding Your Belongings 

Once the scope is determined, the pack-out process begins. This involves the careful removal of hard contents, textiles, soft goods, and electronics from the home. Our skilled team employs precision and care to ensure that every item is handled with the utmost consideration. 

Inventory and Labeling: A Systematic Approach 

Every item removed from the home undergoes a meticulous inventory process. Each piece is labeled and documented, ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the restoration journey. This step lays the foundation for a seamless pack-back process later on. 

Cleaning Excellence: Restoring Items to Pre-Loss Condition 

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our cleaning practices. Whether it’s hard goods, textiles, or electronics, we adhere to industry-standard practices to bring all salvageable items back to their pre-loss condition. Our rigorous cleaning process is tailored to each item’s unique requirements. 

Storage Solutions: A Safe Haven for Your Belongings 

In cases where the insured’s home is not immediately ready for move-in, we provide secure storage facilities. Items that don’t require cleaning can be stored as is, while cleaned items await the green light for their return home. 

Pack Back: Returning Your Belongings Home 

Once the insured’s home is fully restored and ready for occupancy, our team initiates the pack-back process. Every item is carefully returned to its original place, completing the restoration journey. 

Customization for Every Claim: Adapting to Unique Needs 

Understanding that each claim is unique, our services are fully customizable. Whether it’s handling electronics and hard goods, textiles alone, or a combination of specific items, we collaborate closely with homeowners and adjusters to tailor our approach to the distinct requirements of each restoration project. 

The “hard contents” pack-out process is a harmonious blend of precision, care, and flexibility. In the aftermath of a disaster, we not only restore belongings but also provide peace of mind. By adapting our services to the unique needs of homeowners and working hand-in-hand with insurance adjusters, we turn the restoration journey into a tailored and triumphant experience. 

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