Franchise Spotlight: Lyons Restores by Medlin Davis

Welcome back! This month on the blog, we’re featuring our Raleigh, NC, Location, Lyons Restores by Medlin Davis. We had a chat with Owner Brett Alan to delve into why he chose to franchise with Lyons and how his business is leaving its mark in the area.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved with Lyons Restores?  

We’re the proud owners of Medlin-Davis Dry Cleaners, a Raleigh-based business established in 1948. With eight stores and six routes, we’re deeply ingrained in the community as a premier high-end dry-cleaning service. Recognizing the need to diversify, we seamlessly integrated textile restoration into our operations, leveraging our existing infrastructure and expertise to expand our service offerings. 

What inspired you to become a franchisee?  

Without prior experience in textile restoration, we aimed to expedite our learning curve. Opting for a well-recommended franchise, we gained access to top-notch training and vital industry connections, enabling us to hit the ground running with our startup. This strategic move ensured a swift and successful entry into the world of textile restoration. 

What sets Lyons Restores apart from other restoration businesses in your area?  

Benefitting from Lyons Restores’ exceptional support system and skilled team, we were impressed by their commitment to excellence. Their comprehensive training programs and involvement in various insurance programs proved invaluable, equipping us with the necessary skills and immediate access to claims in our area. This partnership ensured a seamless integration into the textile restoration industry, setting the stage for our business’s success.

Could you share some success stories or memorable projects that you’ve worked on since joining Lyons Restores?  

Our breakthrough came with a Pure claim in Charlotte, NC, assigned to us through the Lyons Restores program. Handling this claim marked our largest endeavor to date, and its success quickly led to the assignment of two additional Pure insurance claims. This pivotal moment not only expanded our portfolio but also forged invaluable marketing connections within Pure. Leveraging these newfound relationships, we’re poised to generate a steady stream of new opportunities and solidify our position in the industry. 

What support and resources does Lyons Restores provide to franchisees, and how has that helped you in running your business?  

Lyons Restores offers extensive training for as long as it is needed. They also provide field training and even provided us with pack out support at one of our first jobs. We have support as needed for the day-to-day running. The system is very structured for every job with timelines for completion within every job, this structure is very useful to meet deadlines and provide a high level of customer service. This has been essential to the day-to-day running of the business.  

How do you maintain high standards of service and customer satisfaction within your franchise?  

We are already focused on a high level of customer service within our dry-cleaning operation. We also follow the Lyons Restores guidelines and tasks on every job. This recipe helps us easily maintain high levels of customer service.  

How do you handle challenges or unexpected situations in the restoration business, and how has Lyons Restores supported you in those instances?  

We have staff we can pull in if extra hands are needed. We also have Lyons Restores to refer to for advice and assistance in these situations. 

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a Lyons Restores franchisee?  

I would advise them to get reliable employees involved who will put in the effort and time for the training. This is key to successfully getting the operation up and running. 

Lastly, how do you see the future of your franchise and the Lyons Restores brand in your area?  

I see it continuing to grow as we continue to become better known in the area. We are continuously creating new relationships and building on existing ones.

If you would like to learn more about growing your business by franchising with Lyons Restores, send us an email at

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