Franchise Spotlight: Lyons Restores by Quality Care

Welcome to March’s franchise spotlight! This month, we’re focusing on Lyons Restores by Quality Care, part of our personal property restoration franchise system based in New Jersey. Join us for an interview with Juan Gaona, the owner, as we explore their role within our network and their contributions to the insurance industry.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved with Lyons Restores? 

I have been working in the restoration industry for 20 years in the tri-state area of the Northeast. During this time, I have gained extensive experience and witnessed various scenarios. Before starting my own company, Quality Care, I worked for a few different companies where I learned all aspects of the restoration business, including pick-ups, cleaning, and pack backs. 

What inspired you to become a Lyons Restores franchisee? 

I started Quality Care in 2011, and our business took off soon after. I saw a gap in the industry for a quality service provider in the restoration space. We started small by working with contractors, then began contacting adjusters to offer our services. They (the adjusters) saw that we did quality work despite not being a program vendor, and the feedback they received about our work was positive, so they continued to use us.    

Over the years, I realized we needed a different approach to connect with vendor programs. I also noticed a gap in the textile world that I believed my business could fill. My motivation to franchise was driven by the desire to offer quality work. I had observed that some bad companies were getting claims simply because they were on the program, and I knew that my company could do better work. Consequently, in 2022, Quality Care became a Lyons Restores Franchise. 

What sets Lyons Restores apart from other restoration businesses in New Jersey? 

I have noticed that the restoration industry is not always straightforward. So, I think that what sets us apart is that we are a flexible company that collaborates with both insurance companies and insureds to restore many items that other companies may choose to decline. Additionally, they deliver high-quality work that is aligned with my business. 

Could you share some success stories or memorable projects you’ve worked on since joining Lyons Restores? 

We had a water loss that affected a massive house, and they happened to be “items collectors.” They kept all their children’s items in each room since they were little and are now adults. Just imagine that for a moment. We pulled items for three weeks and thought we would never finish. But everything turned out okay; we took care of all these items and correctly packed out everything. Best of all, the insureds were happy with our work. That pack out was a big learning moment for my team.   

What support and resources does Lyons Restores provide to franchisees, and how has that helped you in running your business? 

The continuous sales support and marketing efforts have been highly beneficial for my business. The team works together efficiently, from the corporate level down. Furthermore, being a part of the Lyons Restores franchise system has helped my business grow thanks to the book of program business it provides.   

How do you maintain high standards of service and customer satisfaction within your franchise? 

We have found that the best way to maintain high customer service standards is through follow-up. We follow up with both insured and adjusters at each milestone in their claim: pick-up, estimation, cleaning, storage, and then delivery.    

How do you handle challenges or unexpected situations in the restoration business, and how has Lyons Restores supported you in those instances? 

We are well-prepared to handle any challenges, knowing we have corporate support to create an action plan together. 

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a Lyons Restores franchisee? 

It has been a tremendous opportunity for my business, and I have seen significant growth as a result. However, it’s important to remember that hard work and a willingness to learn are crucial to success. Collaboration and teamwork are also essential, as the entire franchise system can be impacted if one location falls short. Working together and supporting one another is crucial to achieve our shared goals. 

Lastly, how do you see the future of your franchise and the Lyons Restores brand in New Jersey? 

I see many growth opportunities in our business as we acquire more program accounts. This will also help increase brand recognition for Lyons.  

Our main objectives for the future at Lyons Restores by Quality Care are to sell our services effectively, maintain the quality of our work, and ensure that our clients are satisfied. If we can achieve these goals, we can attract more business to our company. 

If you would like to learn more about growing your business by franchising with Lyons Restores, send us an email at

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