2023 Hurricane Season Update Explained

The 2023 hurricane season is in full swing, and it’s essential to be prepared for whatever comes our way. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) experts have reassessed the conditions and now think this year could bring more hurricanes than usual. Let’s break down what they’re saying and how you can get ready. 
2023 Hurricane Season Update Explained IMAGE Hurricane Outlook AUGUST UPDATE 2023 Pie 081023 NOAA
The updated 2023 Atlantic hurricane season probability and number of named storms. (Image credit: NOAA)

What NOAA is Saying 

NOAA is like the weather detectives who study the ocean and the sky to predict what might happen with hurricanes. At first, they thought this year would be pretty normal for hurricanes. But now they’re saying it might be busier than usual. The ocean is warmer than usual, which can help hurricanes form and strengthen. Despite the presence of El Niño this year, which typically hampers the formation of hurricanes, the warm ocean waters could potentially neutralize its impacts. 

What to Expect 

The new forecast from NOAA gives us an idea of what could happen. They say there’s a 60% chance that we’ll have more hurricanes than normal. That’s higher than what they thought in May. There’s a smaller chance, just 25%, that we’ll have a regular number of hurricanes and only a 15% chance that there will be fewer than usual. 

What the Numbers Mean

NOAA’s experts also looked at the numbers. They think there could be between 14 to 21 named storms. Those are storms with strong winds of at least 39 mph. Out of those, 6 to 11 could become hurricanes with even stronger winds of 74 mph or more. And from those hurricanes, 2 to 5 might become major hurricanes with strong winds of 111 mph or more. 

Why This is Happening

The ocean and the atmosphere are like a big recipe for hurricanes. This year’s recipe includes warmer ocean waters due to rising amounts of greenhouse gases and special weather patterns like El Nino. These patterns usually make it hard for hurricanes to form, but this time, they might not have as much power to stop them. It’s like the ingredients for hurricanes are all there, so we need to be ready. 

Getting Ready 

So, what can you do? First, don’t panic. You still have time to get ready. Make a plan for your family and business about what to do if a big storm comes your way. Stock up on essential things like water, food, and medicine, just in case. Stay informed by listening to weather forecasts from trusted sources, like the news or weather apps. And remember, while NOAA can predict how many hurricanes might happen, they can’t tell us exactly where they’ll hit. So, it’s good to be prepared no matter where you live. 

Stay Prepared and Stay Safe 

According to the experts at NOAA, the 2023 hurricane season might be a bit busier than usual. But with some simple steps and a good plan, you can stay safe and prepared. Remember, knowledge is your best defense against the unexpected. So, keep an eye on the weather updates, have a plan, and stay ready for whatever the season brings. 

For more information, check out this video from the NOAA.

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